November 2016

Volume 26 Number 4

Table of Contents

  • Chattipatty
  • Jerri Lee’s Discovery
  • Jackie Ormes’s “Patty-Jo” Featured in Cartoon Library
  • Observer Reporter Article about Jackie Ormes
  • Vintage Jerri Lee Doll
  • Terri Lee Remembered
  • Move to Puerto Rico?
  • Jerri’s Fun Page
  • Terri Lee Attends Her Own Convention
  • Little Mothers as Authors
  • Arizona Adventure
  • A Possible Tiny Terri Lee Fur Stole
  • Terri Lee Queen of Dolls Convention
  • Convention Competition
  • Following the Paper Trail
  • Pedal Pushers and Dusters
  • Little Mother Sews a Satin Shirt for Tiny Jerri Lee’s Western Wear
  • Our Terri Lee Friend, Mary Hosselton

Pages from the Issue

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