May 2015

201505_cover_largeVolume 25 Number 2

Table of Contents

  • Editoral Page
  • On the Road Again – Nancy Janzen
  • Time Capsule from the Mid-Fifties
  • Wish List Items are Coming Up for Sale
  • Terri Lee Ferris Wheel
  • The Pinafore
  • Irish Colleen or Little Lady?
  • Tiny Terri’s Delicate Bib Front Dress
  • Do you Know the Reasons for Our Traditions?
  • Jerri’s Shirt, Shorts & Belt
  • I’ve Been Carrying Around a Boy?
  • Quinceañera (Sweet 16)
  • Take Those New Terri Lees Out of the Box
  • Who is Behind Those Foster Grants?
  • Keeping It Going for Terri
  • Jerri’s Fun Page
  • Convention Registration

Pages from the Issue

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