May 2014

201405_cover_largeVolume 24 Number 2

Table of Contents

  • Editor’s Page
  • Two Terri Lees
  • Jerri Lee Lincoln Era Suspender Shorts Set
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Connie Lynn Velveteen Coat and Bonnet
  • Linda Baby Velveteen Coat and Bonnet
  • Tiny Terri Lee Velveteen Coat and Bonnet
  • The Velveteen Bonnet
  • Play Dress
  • Cotton Suit
  • The Redingote
  • Terri Lee Quilt and Pillow Set
  • Holiday Madness
  • Farmerette Costume
  • Pique Suit
  • Meet Dennis Ross
  • It’s in the Cards
  • MAR-FAN Sundress
  • Buttons or Snaps
  • Jerri’s Fun Page
  • Majorette Hat

Pages from the Issue

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