February 2014


Volume 24 Number 2

Table of Contents

  • Editors Page
  • On The Road Again – Donna VanDaele
  • Shirt & Trousers
  • Tiny Jerri In Play Suit
  • Sunday Dress, Faffeta
  • AV Birthday Dress 1956
  • AV Pinafores
  • Toreador Set
  • Tiny Terri Lee’s Velveteen Coat & Hat
  • A Flannel Coat for Terri Lee
  • A New Hula Costume from an Old Daisy Fabric
  • Little Lady and Me
  • Could This be a Marfan Formal
  • MAR-FAN, Inc 1961 Booklet
  • MAR-FAN price list
  • A Terri Lee Gun
  • Does Terri Really Have Her Own Sunglasses
  • Tiny Terri Lee Goes Westward Ho
  • MAR-FAN Linda
  • Little Mother Sews Fur Accessories for Terri Lee’s Winter Coat
  • Babes on Vacation
  • Connie Lynn Dress & Slip Assorted
  • Linda Baby Dress & Slip Assorted
  • Jerri’s Fun Page
  • Registration 2014 Convention

Pages from the Issue

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